Taking your baby on holiday to Spain

CB Taking your baby on holiday to SpainMore and more people are searching for ‘child friendly’ holidays. Below are some of the points that are sure to be at the forefront of any mother’s mind.

Spain is a wonderful country for a holiday with your baby. The Spaniards are generally very affectionate towards children and yours will get lots of attention. However, holidaying with a baby can at times be daunting thinking about cramming all of baby’s milk, nappies, foods and all the other gear into your suitcase. Here is a brief guide to what is available for you and your baby for when you holiday to Spain.
Baby Milk

Of course breast feeding is the most portable option and breast pads can be found in supermarkets in Spain. For formula milk fed babies, Cow & Gate and Aptamil are available in Spain, but are known by other brand names and please do be aware that they can cost over twice as much as their UK counterparts.

In Spain, the main brands include Nestle Nidina and Hero which are available in nearly all the supermarkets. Some children can be sensitive to change and some milks abroad may have a different consistency. You know your baby best as to whether they will happily tolerate switching milk for a week or two if you can’t find your preferred brand there.

It is better to make up bottles with boiled mineral water as some areas of Spain have very high levels of calcium in the water and it isn’t suitable for drinking. There are low sodium brands available that are quite clearly marked as suitable for babies.
Baby food

A range of baby foods can be found in Spanish supermarkets and pharmacies. The types of food aren’t as broad as in the UK, but you’ll certainly find something to suit most palates. Flavours tend to be meat or fish with a combination of vegetables. The consistency tends to be smoother than baby food in the UK. Spanish supermarkets and markets sell fantastic seasonal fruit and vegetables, so if you’re self catering you can always make your own. For toddlers on holiday in Spain, get them to try tapas, it’s a wonderfully social meal and they’ll love trying new food.

Huggies and Pampers are both available in most Spanish supermarkets – though note that Pampers are called Dodots in Spain. The Carrefour supermarkets sell disposable swim nappies. Nappy linings, etc. for non disposable nappies are harder to come buy.
Sun Cream

When you’re on holiday in Spain, at most times of the year, you’ll need a good sun cream. A wide range of sun-creams are available in Spain for reasonable prices from supermarkets and pharmacies stock excellent slightly pricier brands.If you run out while on holiday, head for the nearest well known supermarket or pharmacy. Avoid small sea front shops as they can be very expensive.

Calpol is not well known in Spain, so if that is your preferred medication, you could take some of their handy sachets with you. If your baby is unwell on holiday, head for a pharmacy (supermarkets don’t sell medicines).

Pharmacies are plentiful and if the nearest one is closed, there will be a poster in the window detailing the nearest 24 hour one.

Dalsy tends to be the preferred choice of ibuprofen to give to children in Spain, and Apiretal the preferred paracetamol. Check the dose tables on both products carefully before administering. If you do have to go to the doctors, be sure to take your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) and passport with you.
Find out more

Hopefully you now feel better equipped for your holiday in Spain with your baby. If you want more information on travelling to Spain with a baby or child, there are several reputable companies that can assist. BabyAbroad is one that comes highly recommended – http://www.babyabroad.co.uk/. Happy baby holidays!