Planning your holiday in Benidorm

imagesCAE51A03 150x117 Planning your holiday in BenidormIf its time for you to take your annual break and you are wondering how or where to go, you are not alone. Many economies are depressed, money is short and it’s perfectly understandable that you want the money you have saved up for your holiday to go as far as possible. A good holiday break needs to have some sun, needs to be easily accessible, have reasonable accommodations and a big bag of fun activities to choose from.

imagesCA0QFN45 150x143 Planning your holiday in BenidormThat’s why Benidorm is a perfect choice. Located inAlicante,Spain, it runs along the coast of the western part of theMediterranean Sea, and as you can imagine, will give you all you get in sunny Spanish beaches and more.

imagesCA4L9L44 150x112 Planning your holiday in BenidormIt is unique because it caters for tourists in a different way. It allows you to choose cheap hotels, all which will give you hospitality with a Spanish touch. Depending on your hotel of choice, you will find that there are many things to do other than get yourself a perfect tan, so choose your accommodation thinking about what exactly what you plan to do there.

If you are flying in fromEurope, you can take advantage of cheap flights that will land you at Alcante, an hour’s drive from Benidorm. The drive is a chance to take the scenic beauty of the Spanish countryside. Arriving at Benidorm will be a little different though. It is sometimes referred to as “The Manhattan of Spain”, and with good reason. The small town, with a population of about 70,000 people,  has lots of modern high-rise buildings. Many of the hotels in the town are nestled in these buildings, but you are still just a little distance from the beach.

imagesCA97MV91 Planning your holiday in BenidormOnce you settle in, its time for some sun, sand and beach. All you need to do is get into your beach gear and take a walk down to the sandy shores – you will find lots of other people there and it’s a great time to make new acquaintances. Once the sun goes down, you get to experience what Benidorm is so well known for: its night life. The cabaret starts at around 9pm, and goes on till the early dawn hours.

imagesCAZU5CB7 Planning your holiday in BenidormIf you like your lager, then you will be at home here. It’s a well known spot for attracting people who love to drink beer. If you’re thinking the pub scene inLondon, it’s not quite the same. Remember Benidorm is warm, there is lots of sun and evenings, even nights still hold the seaside feeling of warmth. This scene, by the way, thrives most in the summer months, so plan to get there in June, July or August.

As you plan your stay in Benidorm, remember to take the same precautions you would take with any other holiday resort. Make sure to book a hotel that has security. If you have to stick to certain kind of diet, let the hotel know in advance so that they can be ready for you. Of course because you’re going to the sun, make sure that you have enough seaside supplies to last you during your stay. Depending on how long your stay is, you can also book day trips to see a little of the Spanish countryside.



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Safety tips for children on the beach

imagesCAQ47WJX1 150x150 Safety tips for children on the beachIts summer time and you want to take your kids along with you on that seaside holiday. You need to know as much as you can about safety tips for children when they are at a beach. Kids wander, they get up to things so fast that if you are not careful, you might find yourself overwhelmed or even have your child in actual danger. Let’s have a look at some basic safety steps that you need to take into account. We’ll start with the children and then move on to the environment.

imagesCA82H0FM 121x150 Safety tips for children on the beachYou want your child to be as comfortable as possible, so the clothing that they wear is important. They need to have swimming gear if they going to be in the water, but when they are out, they need to wear something to protect their delicate skins from the hot sun. Even with sunscreen on, children get sun burned much faster than adults. Get them to wear a light cotton shirt over their shoulders and then wear a hat. The cotton fabric that you choose should be highly breathable and loose, but do not let them get close to the water in it: cotton gets heavy once it absorbs water and can pose a drowning hazard.

Sunglasses protect their sensitive eyes from taking in too much light. There are sun rays bouncing off the sea and the sand and everything looks too bright. As you buy your own sunglasses, get you kids some too.

Suntan protection is a must, and you should remember to apply it often when the children are exposed to the sun. Get shades too, especially for the midday sun. If you notice that they are burning, it is worthwhile to skip a day at the beach – go and explore the inland or shop.

Make sure that they remain hydrated all the time – this is critical especially in very hot weather where they can get heat stroke.

imagesCANIF68N 150x132 Safety tips for children on the beachWhen it comes to the environment, there are things that you can do to ensure that your children are safe. The first rule of the beach is to make sure that your children do not leave your sight for even a moment. It’s hard to do this because they are so active and you want to rest, but explain to them that they should stay close enough to hear when you call, and then start a game for them right next to where you will be.  

If a beach is too crowded, it becomes even harder to see your children even if they are not too far. Consider using the beaches at times when it isn’t too crowded, like early in the mornings and late afternoon.

imagesCAJ63MLG1 150x150 Safety tips for children on the beachIt can be tempting to leave your kids in your hotel room and go out to eat, especially dinner when they are tired and fall asleep. This is not advisable at all. There are hotels that offer nanny services – you get someone to stay with your children for you to go out for a few hours. Use a service like this if you have to go out. Children, when left alone, can injure themselves or meet with someone who has poor intentions. Ask the hotel when you make your booking if they offer this kind of service, otherwise consider taking someone along with you who can watch your children while you take a break.

Benidorm: The Manhattan of Spain Where Hen and Stag Parties Abound

untitled Benidorm: The Manhattan of Spain Where Hen and Stag Parties AboundSet aside other tourist destinations such asBudapest, Blackpool, the Caribbean,Pragueor St. Tropez, this is the perfect time for you to invade theislandofBenidorm. Benidorm is situated in theprovinceofAlicante,Spainand it is widely known for its affluent hotel industry and really tall skyscrapers. It is considered to be the fifth most populous town in the wholeprovinceofAlicanteaccounting around 71,198 inhabitants. This is also tagged as the tourist capital of the Valencian community. In fact it is also known as the Manhattan of Spain or Beniyork. Indeed, this can be the perfect destination for the holidays. You can come and visit Benidorm and experience fun and excitement like you’ve never felt before.

untitled 3 Benidorm: The Manhattan of Spain Where Hen and Stag Parties AboundIn 1960, Benidorm was only a small town nestled in quaintAlicantebut to date, it is where most of the high-rising buildings in the Spanish peninsula are mostly huddled. It is also right through Benidorm where you can find the high peaks of Puig Campana, one of the tallest mountains in the region of Costa Blanca.

untitled 2 Benidorm: The Manhattan of Spain Where Hen and Stag Parties AboundDuring the contemporary period, Benidorm is impressively known for its lavish hotels and resort industry where hen and stag parties are held all throughout the 365 days of the year. It is where clubs, pubs, hotels and many attractions are impeccably nuzzled. There’s no other place in the world you would wish to be but in the majestic Benidorm. No other tourist destinations can give you perks as much as Benidorm can. It is where you can book really cheap flights, the booze costs low and the accommodation as well. This creates a perfect holiday atmosphere. Wouldn’t it be exciting to bask yourself under the Spanish sun and get the perfect tan?

imagesCA0CXJYU 150x150 Benidorm: The Manhattan of Spain Where Hen and Stag Parties AboundWith 150 Euros, you can already book a flight and a hotel room at a considerably cheap rate. You can find hotels which are located near the Square where most hen and stag parties are located in Benidorm. You can find lots of stuffs at the Square which include night pubs, exotic dancers, strippers, tribute bands, drag acts and top comedians.

untitled 4 Benidorm: The Manhattan of Spain Where Hen and Stag Parties AboundYour stay at Benidorm will surely be filled with lots of beautiful things. Guests can usually attest the big fun they have especially during the night out. Stags and Hens will really love every bit of Benidorm. For several years, Costa Blanca is considered to be the Stag weekend getaway. It’s because the weather here is just like that of spring or summer. In Benidorm, you get to have 320 days of sunshine. There are also other excursions that you’ll definitely love including jeep safaris, Benibug off-road tours, water sports and trips to awesome beaches. It would be great if you come to Benidorm around July or August because during this season they will hold Ibiza-style clubbing. They can accommodate over 30,000 clubbers. Benidorm is also a good weekend breather for the Hens. You can plan your ultimate getaway in one of the best places inEurope. You can indulge yourself into the almost five-kilometer spanning beach and lap up the sun. It’s the perfect place to get a lovely tan. The people in Benidorm are also warm and friendly, you would definitely relish their company. So, if you have been planning a holiday vacation, there’s no other place to be but Benidorm.

5 good reason to choose Bendiorm as your holiday destination

imagesCA7UGT21 150x131 5 good reason to choose Bendiorm as your holiday destinationWith so many holiday destinations in Spain to choose from, it can be a bit muddled trying to settle for the best one. You want to get there in the shortest time, have great fun, enjoy conveniences and a night life as well as be safe. One destination comes to mind right away at the mention of these things and its Benidorm. There are numerous reasons to choose it out of all the other holiday resorts in Spain, and lets have a look at just 5 reasons why:

1. Its easy to get to

If you are flying in from the UK, you enjoy the advantage of low coast airlines and speed in arriving there. Check airline rates, make your comparisons and book a cheap one. It doesn’t have to be all cozy if you can’t afford it – you get there in about 2 hours, and there is lots of refreshment on arrival so you can save on flight costs. Make your bookings off-peak if you can, because popular destinations like these have more expensive flights in peak season.

2. Great weather

imagesCAJN7N91 150x119 5 good reason to choose Bendiorm as your holiday destinationIts sun, sun and more sun. Benidorm sits along the Mediterranean coast, and as you can imagine with many of the towns that are situated here, they get sunshine for most of the year. If you have been cooped up in an office since your last holidays and have not had enough sun, this is a great way to catch up. There might be the occasional summer shower, but the air is still warm. Make sure to carry your suntan lotion and any other beach supplies that you may need.

3.  Can accommodate kids

Parents know that when you are planning for holidays with children, you have to be extra careful. In Benidorm, both man and nature have taken care of this for you. The beaches are safe for children – they don’t get deep until way off, and most of the hotels have facilities that are safety-proofed for children. Tell the hotel in advance that you will have kids so that they can plan to cater for them.

4. Great food at low costs

B benidorm home pic 4 150x125 5 good reason to choose Bendiorm as your holiday destinationSometimes holidays can be soured by over-expensive food, but not in Benidorm. You get a variety of food ranging from authentic Spanish cuisine to international varieties, and all the food is cheap. You can decide to include meals in your accommodation plan or you can outside of your hotel, but either way, you will be spending very little on food.

5.  Cheap Hotels

Many people want to spend the minimum that they can to have a great holiday, and at Benidorm, you get just that. Hotels are cheap and competitive which means that they all try to offer the best service for the least that they can. All you need to make sure is that the hotel is safe and they are able to cater for any special needs if you have them.

caparica2 150x150 5 good reason to choose Bendiorm as your holiday destinationThat’s five reasons that make Benidorm a great holiday destination, and we have not talked about all the fun things that you can do yet. There are things to choose from, either in Benidorm or outside, so that your days will be full and your nights too. You can take excursions to see the vicinity, you can go for water sports, you can go shopping or you can go mountain climbing. At night, the clubs and discos come to life with cabarets that will keep you busy until morning.


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Use The Internet To Get Great Deal On International Travel Insurance

images 1 150x150 Use The Internet To Get Great Deal On International Travel InsuranceWe use the internet for a lot of things—information research, information dissemination, purchase of products and services, education, businesses, and so many more. It’s no wonder people find it hard to live without the internet. You’ll find that most homes, offices, and commercial establishments in the United States are equipped with internet connection.

Even travelers make use of the internet for trip planning and preparation. Aside from using it to plan the itinerary, book for hotels and plane tickets, and research where the best places to eat are, you can also use this to find a great deal on international travel insurance. To do that, here are some of the ways you can use your internet to achieve this purpose.

Comparing rates

imagesCA416WY1 150x131 Use The Internet To Get Great Deal On International Travel InsuranceComparing rates of different companies that provide travel insurance is much easier done via the online route. For one, you can simply key in the phrase “travel insurance international” on the search engine and you’ll be instantly bombarded with thousands of results. You can ask for a quote from each of these online insurance companies in just a few minutes. You don’t have to visit each of them personally to do this.

Aside from that, you may also use websites that provide insurance rate comparison. Look for such websites that have been in this business long enough to know what they are doing. Don’t just rely on one single website but make use of several ones to see if the rates are being compared thoroughly. Go for websites that don’t only compare the rates but also the coverage inclusions to help you better in your decision making.

Probing the insurer

imagesCATCXVFW1 150x127 Use The Internet To Get Great Deal On International Travel InsuranceAnother way the internet can help you in getting a great deal on travel insurance is through background checking the insurance company. Before you sign with a particular insurer, take time first to probe the background of the company. You can do this by contacting the Better Business Bureau through its official website to find out if there has been any complaint made against the company.

You can also read reviews and testimonials posted online about the company. Don’t rely only on the testimonials posted in the insurance company’s own website since it would only be posting positive ones. There are also online background checkers that offer this kind of service for a minimal fee. If you don’t mind spending a little extra to ensure that you’re getting the right insurance policy, then you can avail this kind of service. Getting expert advice

imagesCABB0LE0 150x150 Use The Internet To Get Great Deal On International Travel InsuranceIt’s also possible to get expert advice online. If you’re not adept in the field of insurance, learn more about it by reading informative articles from reputable insurance websites and expert bloggers. You can also participate in forums where you’ll get to hear about other people’s opinions and experiences regarding this matter.

Just see to it that you filter properly the information that you get. Remember that not everything posted in the internet is true and correct. Trust only those that are proved to be experts in their field so you can follow tips that will help you.



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Dressing For Your Body Shape


dress upgrade 32 Dressing For Your Body ShapeWomen’s fashion is often dictated by designers who place their clothes on rail-thin models. Because they are so incredibly slender, the clothing isn’t so much worn as it simply hangs there. In reality, women come in all shapes and sizes. Dressing to flatter your shape will not only make you look better, you will also feel better in clothes that accentuate the positive and play down the negative.

The Athletic Body Type

Female athletes who run or practise martial arts may be lean,yoga goddess latest1 300x94 Dressing For Your Body Shape while ladies who enjoy lifting weights or wrestling may be more muscular. If you are embarrassed by a small bosom or larger-than-average biceps, you should instead focus on attributes you are proud of and wish to showcase. Toned, sculpted legs can be shown off by wearing pencil skirts or form-fitting trousers. A flat midsection can carry low-rise waistlines and straight-seamed blouses. If you want your chest to appear larger, consider a modest padded brassiere and keep an eye on your posture.

Many athletic ladies make the mistake of buying clothes to fit the largest areas of the body. While you will need to purchase larger clothing, you will want to take the item to a tailor to have the rest taken in. For example, if you biceps are large, the torso and bust of your blouses should be taken in to fit. The larger sleeves, while necessary, don’t mean that the size you bought is appropriate for the rest of your body.

The Hourglass Figure

While the hourglass shape is often said to be the most desirable, it can be tricky if either the upper or lower portion of your figure is larger. For wider hips, draw the eye upward with a sweetheart neckline or eye-catching earrings. If you are a little top-heavy, try a playful belt. Accentuate whichever feature is smallest. If you are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure where your hips and bust are equal, highlight your narrow waistline.

The Pear-Shaped Figure

If your bottom, hips, and thighs are disproportionately large for your frame, you are pear-shaped. To make yourself appear more balanced, you want to detract attention by wearing dark trousers or skirts. Bright tops, eye-catching jewellery, and a head full of healthy, squeaky-clean hair will draw the eye upward and make you appear more balanced. If you are pear-shaped and also short, be wary of skirts that fall below your knees. Wearing a skirt that is too long can make your legs appear shorter and your thighs wider. This optical illusion is one of the most common and easily-avoided fashion faux pas for pear-shaped ladies.

brights whites glastonbury 24 116x300 Dressing For Your Body ShapeNo matter what your body shape, there are fashions that you can exploit to make yourself appear more balanced and proportionate. Accentuating your more flattering features will naturally draw people to look at them, while ignoring your problem areas. Women’s fashion has no absolute rules, so have fun and be creative with your clothes. Finding the right look for your own body shape will help you look and feel your best.



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