Long Road Trips Need Planned Breaks

imagesCAGKAIJI 150x150 Long Road Trips Need Planned BreaksI believe over the years we have all had the road safety advise drummed into us to realise the potential problems during a long road trip. Truckers by law have to take a break every four hours and if stopped can have their tachograph read to verify this. When we take a road trip, for whatever reason we tend to forget or take just one or two. This article just offers a subtle reminded to the potential problems and some tips

The point of a road trip should be to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. This mentality should only be utilized when speed is the utmost importance. By stopping frequently on the trip, all passengers will be refreshed and revitalized. Driving can become monotonous after several hours, so taking these breaks will help the driver to remain alert and safe.

There is also the possability of short hotel breaks. When making these stops, they will not necessarily add excessive amounts of time to the overall trip.

During these short breaks, it is not necessary to spend an excessive amount of time at the rest stop. Simply taking five minutes to get out of the car and walk around may be all that is needed. A word of caution would be that travelers should not feel obligated to purchase a snack or magazine at the convenience store or rest stop every time that a break is had. This will result in an excess of calories being consumed and too much money being spent on unnecessary items.

Another caution or thing to be wary of would be stopping at areas that are off the beaten path or seem unsavory. Many times, along the road there will be a sign for a restaurant, convenience store or gas station. When exiting the highway, one then finds that the desired destination is miles away from the road. This only adds additional miles and frustration to the trip. Also, if a quick relaxing stop is what one is looking for, stopping at a frightening looking roadside store may not work to calm the nerves and refresh the driver.

If one feels uneasy pulling into the parking lot, it might be a good idea to keep traveling and take that break later. If traveling with several people, everyone needs to be on board with taking short breaks throughout the trip. If there are people in the car that do not see the merits of this, they will need serious convincing. If others are unable to make them change their ways, frustration is certain to occur whenever a break is had. Road trips can be an exciting and fun time.

They can also be disastrous and frustrating. To ensure that happiness and good times are had by all, taking frequent short breaks will help to maintain the sanity and enjoyment level.


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