Amenities Are A Huge Part Of Planning Hotels & Travel

Amenties 150x150 Amenities Are A Huge Part Of Planning Hotels & TravelWhen it comes to hotels & travel the right hotel can make any trip a success or failure. Many travelers take price into account when choosing a place to stay, but they forget those little extras that can make the place they sleep as amazing as the places they visit. Room size, workout facilities, internet service, location and food expenses are all important considerations.

The size of the room may not matter when traveling alone or with your spouse, but a family will feel crowded in an average size hotel room. Once a family of four is in the room with all the luggage, strollers and other necessities there is barely any room to walk around. To solve this issue many places offer larger rooms for families that won’t make them feel cluster phobic.

Athletic travelers may want to consider the workout facilities offered. A lot of places offer weight rooms and pools, but some actually have tracks and tennis courts for their guests. Those that are use to a morning workout may feel sluggish for the day without it.

There are many reasons a traveler may need internet in their hotel room. Businessmen need the service to keep up with office work, vacationers may want to upload photos and send them to friends and family or look up destination information. Whatever the reason many charge high amounts for their use. Others offer a flat rate or include it free. After all, the room is not a deal if the cost is doubled with online usage.

One of the most expensive parts of any trip is the food. To help offset some of the expense a lot of hotels offer guests a complimentary continental breakfast. More budget conscious travelers may want to consider places that offer free meals for children or have kitchens right in the rooms.

Not everyone can leave their pets at home and kennels are very expensive. This keeps a lot of pet owners home. The solution is simple, bring your pet. Many hotels are starting to accept pets with a damages deposit. Just make sure to understand the pet policies; some hotels limit the animal’s size while others have strict rules about leaving the pet alone in the room. All places will require up to date vaccine records.

Location is also important when considering a hotel. The further the hotel is from resorts and attractions, the more time in traffic. Which also means more money spent on gas. It is important to consider if it is worth the amount of money saved on the room to be further away. Some places also offer shuttle services to local attractions which cuts out the need for a rental car completely.

When it comes to hotels & travel choosing a hotel is not all about a bed in a room. Make a list of each person’s daily needs and try to find a place that fits them best. Extra amenities could save travelers a lot of money and make the overall trip a better experience.


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