Enjoy A Peaceful Trip With International Travel Insurance

imagesCAL3SH67 150x150 Enjoy A Peaceful Trip With International Travel InsuranceAll of us look forward to a trouble-free trip when we travel abroad. Whether it is a business trip or a family holiday, we want to feel secure. But it is better to be prepared to face difficult situations when we travel abroad, such as medical emergencies, lost or misplaced baggage and trip cancellation expenses. Fortunately, international travel insurance helps you deal with all such situations during overseas travel.

International travel insurance is especially designed to help you deal with a medical or financial crisis while traveling abroad. It offers broad coverage for the entire trip for medical treatment, loss of passport or baggage. You can go for an affordable travel insurance plan at the time of booking your trip. But how to buy an insurance plan that is right for your budget and that can be bought at short notice?

The benefits of international travel insurance are many, such as worldwide medical and travel assistance, ease and convenience of purchase, instant issue of policy and cashless claims settlement. Today, you have the flexibility of choosing a travel insurance plan as per your need. There are different types of travel insurance international plans: single trip plans, multi-trip plans, student plans, and senior citizen plans.

First, there is the single trip plan which offers coverage for a single trip. The premium amount depends on where your travel destination and the tenure of your trip. As some countries fall in a high risk zone and the probability of medical or financial needs increases with the tenure of the trip, the premium depends on these two factors, along with the person’s age and health conditions.

A multi-trip plan works like a multiple entry visa, where a single policy will cover you for any number of overseas trips to any places within the specified time limit. The premium is decided based on the destination and duration of each visit, and also the age and health of the individual.

There are international travel insurance plans for students, who are interested in studying abroad. Student policy plans give coverage for all medical and financial emergencies for the entire period of their stay abroad.

Senior citizen plans are designed for senior citizens. All medical and non medical expenses incurred on travel abroad are covered under this plan. There is usually coverage even for pre-existing medical conditions in life threatening emergencies.

International travel insurance plans also provide coverage for unforeseen trip cancellation, so that non-refundable parts of your trip are covered. Save your family from the risk of a financial or medical emergency while traveling. Purchase a comprehensive travel insurance international plan and leave your worries behind.


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