Tips For Long Haul Flights

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If you’re travelling to a far-flung destination this Summer you will already know that before the pampering and relaxation can start you need to survive the ordeal of the dreaded long-haul flight first. The last thing anyone wants to do is sit in a cramped seat for 15 hours whilst warring with unknown fellow passengers over who gets to use the arm-rest! Thankfully there are measures that you can take to help ease the pain of long-haul.

Pre-book seats: If you want to avoid being given the worst, most cramped seat in the whole of the cabin, you should consider pre-booking your seat. Most airlines allow you to do this well in advance of your flight, but it comes at a price. Around 30 will often cover the cost of pre-ooking a seat, but many of us would see this as a poultry price to pay when contrasted with the disaster that could befall one without taking this option.
Book with the best: Another fail-safe tip for a comfortable flight is to book with the best airlines. The most prestigious airlines are usually the best for a reason. They have the best meals, the most comfortable seats and the widest range of on-board entertainments. Once again though, by booking with the best you can expect to pay far more for you flight than with budget airlines.
Don’t fly at night If you wish to avoid jet-lag, fly during the day: Many of our fellow passengers seem to be able to switch off and fall asleep as soon as the plane encroaches its first cloud. For the majority of us, this is a luxury that we are not afforded. Flying during the day means your body clock doesn’t run short on battery power and you can sleep relatively soon after landing if necessary.
Spend a night nearer to the airport: If you are leaving on an early morning flight and live far from your airport, it may be wise to book a room at the airport or hotel within close proximity. This will ensure that you are feeling as fresh and sprightly as possible before beginning the flight.
Bring plenty of entertainment: This one’s a no-brainer but many of us often forget the little things that make flights more bearable. Portable DVD players are becoming increasingly cheaper and are a fantastic addition to your stash of entertainments that you can fall back on should you begin to feel the onset of boredom! Group portable games consoles, books, cards and puzzle books in the same category and you are sure to get through your flight with minimum fuss!
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