Coming Up With A Bucket List

images 150x150 Coming Up With A Bucket ListThere is no one out there who has not thought about creating a bucket list but whether you have created one or are on your way to completing any of the items on it are completely separate matters. Bucket lists often include romantic walks along the Seine in Paris, a sports vacation or birthday skydiving sessions. Creating your own can be one of the best thing you ever do to help yourself finally lead the life you have always dreamt about and not one that has been planned for you by others. But in addition to adventure and romance, a bucket list should be an all-encompassing map on how to live a full life. It should include the basics that everyone must face, including finances, family, health and career motives.

Do not put off creating your bucket list because the longer you put it off, the less time you have to begin living the life you want to live. All you need to begin is a few free hours, a pen and some kind of writing tablet. If you create your list on a computer, be sure to print it out afterward to serve as a reminder that your dreams are not going anywhere. You may be surprised at how easily your desires and dreams flow onto the page!

Ultimately, as you create your list what goes on it is completely up to you. If you think a well-balanced life is covered by spirituality, material objects, travel, adventure, finances, health, education, family and career then include all of these things. If you feel the need to leave any of them out, do so but be sure you are not leaving out anything simply because you are afraid to do it. Often times the things we dream about the hardest are those which we most fear taking on.

After you have created a number of categories that fill out your idea of a complete life, begin listing each of the dreams you have as they fit under those categories. For example, write “obtaining a degree in biology” under “education” or “visiting Uncle Charlie in Bangkok” under “family.” Do not hold back; write down all of the things you feel strongly about. Spend a certain amount of time on each category so that none of the areas of your life are neglected. Think big thoughts, and do not hold anything back. Let your desires do the talking. In the beginning stages of creating this list, practicality should not come into the picture. Give your dreams a voice and try not to be your own worst critic. Envision what you would do if you had unlimited funds and could not possibly fail at whatever you wanted to try. Most importantly, do not consider what anyone else would think about your list.

When you come to the end of your list making exercise, change up your activity. Work on a project for school or work, or visit a friend. Spend some time away from your list before going back to it. When you return, figure out which of the items on the list you truly want to do and whether those desires can be obtained. Edit out the things which do not make the grade, and your bucket list is complete.


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